Fonex Cosmetics exports to 65 countries under Fonex and Gummy Professional brands, available in 105.000 points of sale worldwide, satisfying needs of Professional users. Gummy Professional products including men hair care, hair styling, pre-shave, shave, and after-shave products are exported to professional users in European Union countries, in particular, including Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, and Netherlands; and also The United States of America and South America, as well as Middle East countries including Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia in particular. We participate in big cosmetics fairs including Cosmoprof Bologna, Cosmoprof Las vegas, Cosmoprof Hong Kong , Beauty World Dubai, Cosme Tokyo etc., in pursuit of our target to have a voice at international level.

Export to 65 countries
Registered in 113 countries
Available in 105000 Points of Sale
Export to 65 Countries
Registered in 113 countries
Available in 105.000 points of sale under Gummy and Fonex Brands
We provide products meeting EU standards to hair salons worldwide.
Available for international online sale on Amazon.com and ebay.com
We continuously take part in international cosmetics fairs. Cosmoprof Bologna, Las vegas, Hong Kong, Dubai Beauty World, Cosme Tokyo