Hair Care Expert Fonex

One of the best-known and most trusted brands in Turkey, Fonex serves with a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. We as a brand do always invest in understanding our customers and improving our relationship with them. Because; although we are its registered owners, our brand does in fact belong to everyone who use the Fonex products. We will continue to work to do the best on their behalf.

Export to 65 Countries

We Export to all over the World as Fonex Cosmetics.

100% Domestic Production

All of our Products are Manufactured at our Factory in Istanbul.

53 Years of Experience

We have been Producing Uninterruptedly since the Year 1962.

Distributor for Turkey

We are the Turkish Distributors of the Brands Moser, Wahl, Thrive, and Astra.

Why Fonex

One of our most imported responsibilities is to start with the correct consumer insight and market facts, and determine the short and long-term strategies of the brand. Accordingly, we continue our product development process with special emphasis on R&D activities.

In order to meet the needs and expectations of the consumers and professionals we constantly keep on developing new products, and expanding our range of services. Thanks to the vision, equipment, innovative and creative approach of our R&D team’s, we develop products even beyond the expectations. In line with the principle of trust, we conduct our work without compromising quality.

Our Achievements

  • We Have Opened Up to the World by Exporting to 65 Countries.
  • We Operate Using 100% Domestic Capital and Manufacture Domestically.
  • We Sell under the Gummy Brand at 70,000 Points Worldwide.
  • We Have 45,000 Points of Sale for our Fonex Brand Products.
  • We Have Established R&D Laboratories of European Standards.

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