Fonex Cosmetics is a Cosmetics Brand with 100% Turkish capital engaged in manufacturing operations in accordance with international standards under more than 15 brands, including brands which we registered and we distribute, in the domestic market and 50 countries, providing personal care, hair care, hair styling, and electronic coiffeur equipments for consumers and professional users, with a focus on superior quality, R&D investments, production technology, continuous innovation philosophy and customer-oriented approach, aiming to develop healthier and more functional products today and in the future.

Our History

Foundations of Fonex were laid in 1962. First, it started with “razor” produced and sold to foreigners in Karaköy and Eminönü harbours. In 1982, we established Itimat Lüks Hırdavat Sanayi to produce and import hardware materials needed by barbers for men. In 1995, we registered the Fonex brand, and laid foundations for production of cosmetics. In 2000, we started to produce cosmetics under Fonex brand for coiffeurs for men. In 2002, we exported our first cosmetic products.

In subsequent years, in line with changing needs of target groups, we started to produce personal care, hair care, hair styling and personal cleaning products. Today, we continue our operations as a manufacturer of cosmetics with a wide range of products, providing complete service to consumers and professionals with products we develop, and exporting cosmetics to 50 countries. Besides, we maintain our market leader position by importing coiffeur tools and equipments. In coming years, the company will move to its new production facility established on an area of 28.000 square meters in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone.


Our vision is to place ourselves among internationally reputable cosmetic brands, contributing to wealth of our country and nation that will be proud of our achievements. Our mission is to continuously improve the domestic and non-domestic competitive power of Fonex Cosmetics brands, and keep the innovative mindset always fresh. Our values are adopting quality as an indispensable element, being customer-oriented with a creative, innovative and professional management approach, and show respect and sensitivity to humankind and the environment.


Fonex Cosmetics gives priority to efficiency and happiness of its employees, supports personal development through trainings and seminars, gives importance to improve abilities and capabilities of employees through career planning programs, adopting the philosophy of raising the consciousness of being a team through social activities and organizations.


Fonex Cosmetics, aiming to provide the highest quality products to its consumers, strictly adheres to its principles, respects human health and nature, open to technology and innovations, keeping a close eye on worldwide trends. Fonex Cosmetics aims leveraging the quality up to undisputable levels through diligent efforts in every stage of production through its R&D department and Quality Control Laboratories.